Washing Cell Clusters

Dan B. dburgess at bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Feb 16 10:39:29 EST 2004

"Robert Goodman" <robgood at bestweb.net> wrote in message:
> What I don't understand is your need to remove paraformaldehyde before
> microscopy.  Is that related to the in situ enzyme activity business someone
> asked about in another thread?
> Robert

I haven't seen the other thread you're referring to, but it sounds
like a similar issue...I will be carrying out downstream enzyme
assays in a subset of the samples, and that's why I'll need to remove
the PFA.  Your suggestions (dialysis or microfiltration) are both
good suggestions.  I think I'll try both to see which is gentler on
the structures.  Thanks much!
- DB

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