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>>on the validity/seriousness of the implications of these results, but 
>>it makes me at least a little nervous/squeamish.
>But again, isn't that tissue pretty much removed? One part of the news
>story is that the relevant intestinal region is removed.

	The lymphatic system is pretty pervasive.  It's not just a few 
nodes plus the spleen -- it's a whole vascular system that feeds antigens 
from tissues all over the body to the nodes.  There are some diagrams on 
google images.
	As far as the other person's comments on digestion of proteins, 
I think the level of digestibility of proteins varies greatly from protein 
to protein, and that prion protein appears to be fairly stable toward 
cleavage.  Even casein can remain intact enough to serve as a transgut 
transporter (if I recall my rBGH discussions correctly).  [I guess IgG 
transport in nursing babies is a receptor-mediated process though.]
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