chemical composition of bacteria

Mikhail Pachkov pachkovREMOVETHAT at
Wed Jan 14 04:00:49 EST 2004

>>>>> "KL" == Kyle Legate <legatek at> writes:

 MP>> Could you advise me where I can find data on chemical composition of
 MP>> the cell? I am looking for information on amono acids composition of
 MP>> bacteria.

 KL> As far as I know, someone's working on the question right now.

Interesting. Do you have references on these works? So far I have
found some information in Neidhardt's "E. Coli and
S. Typhimurium". Just simple table containing residue composition of
E. Coli. But that is too litle. I am dreaming about a database with lot
of bacteria analysed.

Good luck!


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