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Saturday, January 24th, 2004 -- cellbiol

Extended auto warranty

Stop the dealer from charging you double

Coverage for all new, used, pre-owned cars, vans, trucks 
and SUVs.

Save time and money. Get a f.ree instant quote for an 
extended auto warranty. Save up to 60% and protect your 
investment in your vehicle.!s9.31612_317621/MY.2017?


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error or would like to modify your future preferences, 
please visit:!s9.31612_317621/MY.2017?

"Why am I here?"

"`You'd better be prepared for the jump into hyperspace. It's unpleasently like being drunk.'

Candidate announced she hadn't had lunch and proceeded to eat a hamburger and french fries in the interviewers office.

"`Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.'

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