Searching thousands of microarrays

Chang Zhu czhu at
Tue Jan 27 21:05:29 EST 2004

High throughput data in the public domain (e.g., gene expression data,
whole-genome protein-protein interactions, genetic screens, and gene
ontology) has been growing exponentially.  The NCBI Gene Expression
Omnibus alone has archived 13,000 microarray experiments.  These
information-rich data should be invaluable resources for researchers. 
However, many scientists have found out it's difficult to collect and
analyze this humongous amount of data.
FABA (Functional Analysis by Association) is a small program that can
do big things: it allows users to analyze thousands of microarrays and
other types of HTP data on desktop computers.  Whether you are looking
for new ideas, searching for leads, or validating your results, FABA
can give you the cutting-edge.  FABA is a very user-friendly tool for
everyone.  Hours of search with FABA could save you years of hard work
and hundred thousands of dollars by pointing you to a more promising

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