ScanMail Message: To Sender, virus found and action taken.

System Attendant NEVADO-SA at
Fri Oct 29 06:33:21 EST 2004

ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has detected virus-infected attachment(s).

Place = Victor Ceballos M.
Sender = cellbiol at
Subject = Mail Delivery (failure)
Delivery Time = October 29, 2004 (Friday) 08:32:23

Action on virus found:

"WORM_NETSKY.P" virus was found in attachment "",
ScanMail has sent the virus-infected file to virus_doctor at

Message from recipient's administrator:
Warning to sender. ScanMail detected a virus in an email attachment you

Advertencia al remitente. ScanMail detecto un virus en un correo adjunto
enviado por usted.

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