clumping of MEFs in suspension

Bob bbx107 at
Fri Apr 8 00:23:42 EST 2005

On 7 Apr 2005 18:33:39 +0100, anette.huebner at (Anette)

>Hi everybody,
>I just finished a MEF 

What is an MEF?

Abbreviations and acronyms often have many meanings. Really helps to
give good info if you want good feedback.

>prep (one of many I have done so far), meaning I 
>just plated my cells 2 hours ago. The efficiency of the prep seemed 
>When I checked on them 10 min ago, I realized that the cells are 
>forming big clusters in suspensions. I have NEVER seen this before.
>Well, these are not WT MEFs, but a new mutant. I was wondering whether 
>this is something that happens for whatever reason, or, whether it 
>could be a phenotype.

Well, regardless of what MEF means, that is an interesting question.
You will find out by seeing if it is reproducible, with proper
controls. Perhaps a solution was not correct this time, or perhaps you
do have a novel phenotype of your mutations.


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