simple help question : alternative splicing and energy

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Thu Apr 21 15:50:57 EST 2005

Hello everybody,
  My name is stephane, i'm a french student. I study medecine in 
Poitiers, i'm in the second year of the studies (i've a lot of work above).
  I'm helping the first year student through a "tutorat". These are 
evening lessons. I'm in charge (with 14 others students) of the cellular 
biology tutorship.
  So I just have a little question : in an eucaryote cell, the 
alternative splicing is non atp-depdendant (i'm sure of this) but i'm 
not sure it's non-energy depdendant.
  I thought the spliceosome was taking energy from the binding between 
the nucelotides in the DNA but i'm not sure anymore.

Could you help me please ?
Thanks in advance if you answer me.

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