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It is with special gladness to invite your early investments in handmade,
hand-colored and updated Cunanan Statistical Maps.

For your timely references, allow us to suggest the following:

1.)  GIANTSIZE MAP OF THE PHILIPPINES, Year 2004 Edition. Colored per regional
division (17 Regions including the latest created MIMAROPA and CALABARZON),
includes the latest created provinces and cities in the Philippines, with
useful statistics such as land area, population per province, city, and
municipality, total number of barangays, km. distances in Luzon, Visayas,
and Mindanao, Size: 42" x 87", Scale: 1:1,000,000 mts.

  a. Map only provided with plastic cover-----------------P 1,265.00
  b. With top and bottom rollers--------------------------P 2,100.00
  c. With silver aluminum framing (mounted on plywood)----P 3,090.00
  d. With frame and pin cushion cork underlay-------------P 3,990.00
  e. With frame and G.I. Sheet underlay-------------------P 4,500.00

2.)  GIANTSIZE MAP OF METROMANILA, the National Capital Region, Year 2004
Edition. Composed of the fourteen (14) Cities and three (3) Municipalities
in full color, with various kinds of useful statistics; showing the latest,
under construction, and proposed Metromanila transport networks such as
the C-5, C-6, Padre Jacinto Zamora Bridge (Nagtahan Link), the Metromanila
Skyway, the Pasig Expressway; also includes the Fort Bonifacio Global City,
and the final plan of Cyber Bay City. Size: 42? X 87? Scale: 1:25,000 mts.
  Prices same as item number 1.

3.)  Individual Map of 17 REGIONS, Year 2004 Edition. Colored per province,
showing the towns and cities with prominent barangays; with corresponding
Congressional Boundaries and updated road networks. With pertinent data
and statistics such as population, land area, total no. of barangays, no.
of precincts and registered voters per city/municipality. Scale: 1:250,000

Sizes: Prices per region:
   A. Giant Size P2,590.00 P1,870.00 P1,150.00
      40 x 70" With frame With rollers Map only

   B. Large Size P2,150.00 P1,510.00 P880.00
      36 x 60" With frame With rollers Map only

   *Special Discount - Less 15% for set purchase plus FREE Map of
the Philippines 2004 Edition.

4.)   MAPS ON CD available in Acrobat Format.

5.)   For Maps of Provinces, Cities, and other maps available,
      please don't hesitate to contact us.

Modesty aside, it may interest you to know that several political leaders,
government departments, majority of school libraries as well as the top
1,000 corporations of the Philippines are now utilizing Cunanan Statistical
Map System.

Anticipating your favorable action in our humble effort to serve our nation
through map-making, and Godspeed to your continuing good luck.

Very truly yours,

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Pio del Pilar, Makati City
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