gender of 3T3 cells?

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On Mon, 2 May 2005 18:25:12 +0200, "Ina Rattmann"
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>does anybody know the gender of 3T3 cells? I want to use the HPRT-gene on
>the x-chromosome as single copy gene for an internal standard in southern
>Bye, Ina

There are several different mouse embryo fibroblast lines that carry
the designation 3T3, from a number of different mouse strains. I would
be surprised if any of them were euploid, so I'm not sure what "single
copy" would mean in this case. Also, the process by which one makes a
3T3 type line usually starts with disaggregating a number of mouse
embryos; I doubt that anyone checks the sex of the embryos when
harvesting them.


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