[Cell-biology] Creatine Report - help please...

Jules summon at online.de
Thu Aug 24 03:37:52 EST 2006


I'm going to write a report for my graduating class in school this 
Since I'm very interested in sports I chose the topic "Creatine and its 
implementation in sports physiology" for my Biology class.

I recently got to know that we had to do some practical work, too :-?
I can't think of doing anything than a survey in some gyms around 
here... But this is not really what the teacher wants. I think he wants 
some kind of experiment.

I was thinking of testing creatinine content in urine - but this hasn't 
to do much with creatine in the first instance - it's just a product of 
the creatine metabolism which is used in medicine to indicate the 
kidney function...

I don't know what to do now.. do you have any idea for a practical 
experiment involving creatine?

Thank you very much

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