[Cell-biology] Effect of norfurazon on cell suspension culture N.plumbaginifolia

Biotecnologo andrea.raccagniNS at virgilio.it
Wed Jun 14 11:20:09 EST 2006

Hi all.
I have a question for you.
I'm studing the effect of herbicide NFZ on a cell suspension culture of 
I measure the fresh weigth of the cultures and the dried weight; i plot the 
results in a X;Y dispersion graph (y = % growth of cll culture based on 
dried weight, x = microM of NFZ in a log scale) but while i expected that 
the point were allineated, i had a strange result:

microM    % growth
1                    20
2                    30
5                    60
10                  26
20                  40
50                  75
100                32

(the value f % of grothw are not the result i had, don't have them with me 
now, but describe the situation in a perfect way! ;)  )

Anyone can help me for explain this strange trand?


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