[Cell-biology] ac-miner software

David Segura segura at mathpost.la.asu.edu
Fri Mar 24 12:01:08 EST 2006

Dr. Gandrillon,

My name is David Segura and I am a graduate student in statistics at Arizona
State University.  Your paper, "Strong-association-rule mining for large-scale
gene-expression data analysis: a case study on human SAGE data" has been quite
helpful for my applied masters project which deals with association rules for
microarray data.  In your paper you mention the ac-miner software, and this is
why I write.  Where can I find this software either to download or buy?  Thank
you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you. 

David Segura
PSA 333
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Arizona State University
Tempe,  AZ  85287

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