[Cell-biology] Re: Recombination Models

Bob bbx107.XYZ at excite.XYZ.com
Sun May 21 21:09:42 EST 2006

On 20 May 2006 02:44:11 -0700, "genzeryk" <genzeryk at gmail.com> wrote:

>I've got an urgent question about recombination models.
>In every book you can find description of Holliday model with a note
>that it is rather imperfect and that double strand breaks model is more
>and more popular. My question is: would you use Holliday model as a
>basic one to describe recombination phenomena (in general) or would you
>rather use DSB...

I haven't taught mol biol in about five years, but I think I would
still be inclined to start with Holliday. 

It depends on the audience, and the course level. I think Holiday is
easier to present first, and it provides most of the major ideas about
recombination. One can build on it if appropriate, or simply note that
there are variations that end up accomplishing more or less the same

Remember, a "model" is for our convenience in visualizing something.
It is not right/wrong. As you go on, you point out its


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