[Cell-biology] Re: moving a biology lab

Bill L'Amoreaux via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by tickdoc At optonline.net)
Sun Nov 26 20:51:15 EST 2006

I guess it is a matter of moving distance? Assuming you are not moving 
to another lab in the same building, that leave same city or distant 
city.  General movers as a rule do not like to have to move a hazardous 
material, so they won't let you load a liquid nitrogen dewar on with the 
rest of the freight.  One of my colleagues moved ~1500 miles and he had 
the movers provide a van that he could plug his -80 freezer in.  If the 
trip is overnight for the movers, I would try to store 1/2 of the cells 
in the -80 and ship the others overnight in dry ice.  If the move 
requires the van to be on the road for more than 12 hours, I would 
overnight as many cell lines as possible to the new location.  Once the 
dewar arrives, fill and chill.

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