[Cell-biology] Re: anti VSVG

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Mon Oct 9 11:50:13 EST 2006

You might try VMRD's antibodies. Here is their product link: 
We list a lot of other sources, but as you have noticed, most seem to be for 
the VSV-G tag.
Good luck,
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"Prabuddha Sengupta" <ps255 at cornell.edu> wrote in message 
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> Hi
> I am looking for an antibody against the ectodomain of VSVG. The
> commercially available antibodies mostly are against the VSVG-epitope tag
> which is in the cytoplasmic portion. I have come across a few antibodies
> against the ectracellular portion of VSVG in literatute, but couldn't
> locate any commercially available ones.
> Thanks
> Prabs

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