[Cell-biology] Re: Questions on mitosis

Eric say.no at spam.now
Mon Sep 18 04:30:59 EST 2006

Eric wrote:
> henry at microtechnonstop.com wrote:
> >
> > When it is time for a cell to divide (how does it know when?), part of
> > the work involved is to duplicate its DNA (effectively, copying its
> > nucleus first?). My question is regarding the sudden (?) hefty need for
> > building blocks (deoxyribose, phosphate, purines and pyrimidines),
> > where do they come from? How does the cell summon their timely
> > presence? What is the "duplication rate," is it known how much time the
> > cell needs to complete a second nucleus?
> The daughter nuclei actually reform after the cell undergoes cytokinesis
> though DNA is replicated and divided beforehand.

Damn memory is NOT as good as it used to be!  See http://tinyurl.com/hrvyr.

  "The condensed mitotic chromosomes are captured by the mitotic spindle,
   and one complete set of chromosomes is then pulled to each end of the
   cell. A nuclear envelope re-forms around each chromosome set, and in
   the final step of M phase, the cell divides to produce two daughter

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