[Cell-biology] Re: Protocol book for immunofluorescence microscropy?

Peter Frank via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by peter_frankde At yahoo.de)
Sun Jan 14 06:17:09 EST 2007

Dr Engelbert Buxbaum <engelbert_buxbaum At hotmail.com> wrote:

>Peter Frank wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can anyone recommend a good protocol book for immunofluorescence
>> microscopy and immunohistochemistry? It seems like there aren't many
>> of that type.
>For anything related to antibodies, the following is my first stop:
>        AUTHOR= {E. Harlow and D. Lane},
>        TITLE= {Antibodies --- A Laboratory Manual},
>        YEAR= {1988},
>        PUBLISHER= {Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press},
>        ADDRESS= {Cold Spring Harbor},
>        LANGUAGE= {engl}

Thanks for the tip. I checked it out on Amazon and this book indeed
looks very promising.


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