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In a study by Toillon et al (Mol Cell Biol Res Commun. 2000 Jun;3(6):338-44) The induction of apoptosis in MCF7 was correlated with increased levels of p53, p21(waf1) and decreased levels of bcl-2. Transient transfections of MCF-7 cells with two p53 cDNA constructs demonstrated the induction of apoptosis was mediated by endogenous p53. 

So, you may also try transfecting with p53 cDNA contructs to induce apoptosis in MCF7.

In yet another study by Randy hill et al (Biochemical Pharmacology 
Vol67;2, 15 Jan 2004,365-374), N-thiolated â-lactam antibiotics have been found to selectively induce apoptosis in human tumor and transformed, but not normal or nontransformed, cells. 

So, I guess you have many options to induce apoptosis of MCF7!

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>Hello again, beside, which drug do you using to induce apoptosis of
>MCF7, thanks

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