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  1. [Cell-biology] Western blot detection of membrane proteins   Samuel C McNeely
  2. [Cell-biology] The effects of gamma-irradiation on MCF-7 breast cancer cell line, and their modulation by estrogens.   scimedweb from mail.com
  3. [Cell-biology] Effects of estrogens on irradiated MCF-7 breast cancer cells.   scimedweb from mail.com
  4. [Cell-biology] Human Embryonic SCs form blood vessels in vivo   ZenMaster
  5. [Cell-biology] Stem Cell Proposal Reintroduced in US Senate   ZenMaster
  6. [Cell-biology] Will US Congress Pass Stem Cell Legislation this Time?   ZenMaster
  7. [Cell-biology] Re: Western blot detection of membrane proteins   Dr Engelbert Buxbaum
  8. [Cell-biology] experimentally evidenced signal anchor proteins   begsch
  9. [Cell-biology] YourSciCom - Protocols, Negative Data and Open Projects   BenPac
  10. [Cell-biology] doubling time of cell culture   Vincent Roth
  11. [Cell-biology] CellNEWS - News on Stem Cells, Cloning and Bioethics.   ZenMaster
  12. [Cell-biology] TRAP anitbody for mice   Floresita Puth
  13. [Cell-biology] EC creates registry for hESC lines   ZenMaster
  14. [Cell-biology] pCB6 vector sequence   sapuzz from po-box.mcgill.ca

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