[Cell-biology] fluorescent molecules

rosariapiga from tiscali.it via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by rosariapiga from tiscali.it)
Tue May 29 02:36:04 EST 2007

Hi, this is Rosi.
I would like to know if someone knows about a company that makes
fluorescent molecules on request, and starting from the chemical
structure of the compound. I am checking the activity of an
antioxidant and even if there are several indirect methods to evaluate
its ability to go inside the cell, as well as other direct methods to
evaluate its presence inside the cell (for example HPLC), I would like
to check the way of going inside, speed and accumulation by using it
as a fluorescent compound. My antioxidant is not a protein, does not
contain -NH2 and -SH groups.

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