[Cell-biology] Planarians, RNA, memory, cannibalism & knowlege

stephen.fox from insightbb.com via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by stephen.fox from insightbb.com)
Wed Apr 2 22:21:27 EST 2008

I found your response to a forum request for information on memory 
transfer after seeing a comment on such experiments in Maxwell's book 
on the evolution of sex, "The Sex Imperative."  I believe the copyright 
on the book is from the early nineties.  I also recall hearing just 
last year that there had been some sort of a reappraisal of Lamarck due 
to increased understanding of the role of RNA in heritable responses to 
environmental stimulus.  If you have any additional information or 
thoughts on the Planarian experiments in memory transfer, or, on the 
current understanding of heritable conditioning I would appreciate your 
sharing them with me.  Perhaps there is a particular resource you could 
point out to me?

Best Regards,
Stephen Fox

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