[Cell-biology] Radiosensitive cell lines

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Tue Jan 6 08:53:54 EST 2009

Dear Professor COLOSETTI;


Hi & Happy new year,


Searching for  radioresistant head & neck cell lines in Google, I saw your


Radiosensitive cell lines

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Tue Mar 26 08:43:59 EST 1996 


We are working on radiosensitive and radioresistant head and neck tumors 
and looking for such radiosensitive cell lines(SF2 < 0,5). Could it be 
possible to get such cell lines ?
Thanking you in advance. Christophe.
So, I was wondering if I could profit from your invaluable advices about the
best way to find the appropriate radioresistant cell lines? I mean something
like databases or sites with information about Radio-resistency/-sensitivity
of cell lines. 
Best Regards
Nima Mohaghegh
Pharm D. & Ph.D. student of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Pasteur Institute of Iran


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