[Cell-biology] Neutrophil Cell Line

Rita Darmanin Ellul via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by ellulr from maltanet.net)
Thu Apr 8 08:45:44 EST 2010

Dear Dr. Valentich,

I am a post-graduate student at the university of Malta. My objective is to carry out studies on the effect of local plant extracts on the oxidative burst mechanism in humans. I had been intending to use the neutrophil cell line HL-60 to model oxidative burst in humans since this cell line, similar to neutrophils does possess myeloperoxidase activity.

However, as I was researching the subject, I found that this cell line is not as active as human neutrophils with regard to the oxidative burst mechanism.

I came across a snip-it (quoted below) which was posted by your goodself on Feb 5, 1995.

A few weeks ago someone mentioned a cell line available from the ATCC which 
more strongly expressed  differentiated neutrophil functions than HL-60.  I've 
misplaced this info.  Could someone please email me the name or ATCC # of this 
cell line.  I would also be interested in learning about any other neutrophil 
cells lines which may be better models for studies of oxidative burst and 
adhesion molecule expression than HL-60.

I would really appreciate if you could let me know of any other cell lines, which in your experience, would better mimic human neutrophils in producing an oxidative burst.

Thank you
Best regards
Rita Darmanin Ellul


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