[Cell-biology] Re: MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer (Editor: Marc Lacroix)

Bradley K. Sherman via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by bks from panix.com)
Sun Apr 18 08:48:05 EST 2010

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SciMedWeb  <scimedweb from mail.com> wrote:
> ...
>expression are associated with an increasing number of biological
>processes, including breast cancer. Some miRNAs are up-regulated in
>breast tumors, such as miR-21, miR-155, miR-373, and miR-520c, and
>appear as putative oncogenes. Other miRNAs are down-regulated, such as
> ...

And soon it will be discovered that there are nudged small
molecules that control the miRNAs and these will be found
to be "associated" with other biological processes many
of which are themselves associated with one or another
cancer.  Rinse, repeat.


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