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I wanted to know if we could consider miRNA signatures for the cancer
cells ..This is regarding the work that we have been discussing till
date..I request your advise..

I have been studying the group dynamics of cells with specifically the
content of  mRNAs (or miRNA signatures or other measures..I am
interested in looking at miRNA signatures within each cell ) in the

 Cells have dynamic behavior and the way they behave and react to
pathogen attacks is really interesting..Till date, not much work has
been done on understanding how cells react to viral attack or cancer
 here we look at the concentration of mRNAs and their associated
change and try to find out exactly how the concentration of mRNAs is
changing as the behaviour of cells change..

 This is a little complicated as the number of cells, eac hof
different type, environment factors, internal factors. age and health
needs to
be considered..

 CHanges in MRNA content have been noticed for cancer cells and normal
cells..Is there any pattern in the cells and their associated
environment when we considered the mRNA of the cells.

 We will try looking at other factors too as mRNA alone cannot affect
the cancer trigger..

 Subsequently, we aim to deploy self-evolving networks and find if any
patterns are found..

 I went through many databases like NCBI,EMBL, SAGE and specific mRNA
databases too but the content didnt give us a clear picture of how
mRNA changes with cancer cell bahviour or its content in normal

 This will be interesting and can have good impact in cancer and drug-discovery.

 This will also mean studying specific behaviour patterns of dynamic
cells as static cells do not show much change or resistance..

 We have till now studied cell behaviour, collected data of mRNA and
other factors and tried to find exactly how cells are affected by
cancer attack..The trigger can be understood with this experiment..
dynamics of different types of cells, working together for a common
purpose has not been studied in depth..Data from databases and group
dynamics theory will help us understand all these better..

Is there any data that I could use for this experiment or anyone ready
to work with me on this project...

is there anyone who could do the wet experiments for me..

 Thanks & Regards,
 Jitesh Dundas


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