[Cell-biology] Bacteria contamination in Primary cell culture of chlamys farreri (Mollusca: bivalvia)

May Yam via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by thisismayyam from gmail.com)
Sun May 16 00:49:42 EST 2010

Hello, all

I am working with primary cultured scallop cells from gill, heart and gonad
tissue respectively. Adult scallops were collected in the eastern sea of
China (Jiaozhou Bay). Over the past six months the primary culture system
has been seriously contaminated. The major contamination is a kind of
bacillus which can swim fast, just like some micro beetles. 24h-36h after
seeding, there was a lare number of rod-shaped bacteria, then 24h later the
medium was yellow, cloudy and smelly. The microbe was found in seawater that
scallops were kept in. Antibacterial agents such as  Penicillin,
streptomycin and Chlorhexidine acetate were effectless.

Does anyone known this kind of microbe? How to avoid the contamination?

Thank you.

Best regards.

May Yam


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