[Cell-biology] useful source of growth supplements to assist in resolving poor cell growth rates

goerge sighn via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by bombay2001 from gmail.com)
Wed Feb 16 22:17:40 EST 2011

Over several years we have experienced from time to time slow cell
growth in our cell culture lab. Recently I stumbled over a great
company that specializes in manufacturing cell growth supplements that
can be added to culture medium and will increase cell proliferation &
general cell growth. The we use several of their growth supplements on
a daily basis and have even discovered that we can reduce the
concentration of our serum from 15% to 5% and in some case eliminate
the use completely. Its worth investigating if you want to resolve
growth issue with your cell-lines. The supplements are sold under the
name "Ozycells" and they can be contacted at admin from jisslab.com.

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