[Cell-biology] Re: Animations of a Possible Cure for Cancer

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Mon Nov 14 11:44:14 EST 2011

If you're going to target chromatids (as you would be doing in the
<repeat><repeat><repeat><END> example, it's worth noting that you'd
kill any dividing cell. Chemotherapy does that to a certain extent,
but for very limited periods of time (and it makes the patients
VERY sick). For any prolonged period of time it would simply kill 
the patient.
In addition, terminally ill patients may be willing to sacrifice gametes,
but killing the megacaryocytes would be a BAD thing (not that it would 
matter if you killed the dividing cells to begin with of course, as the 
patient would be dead before the platelet count dropped so low as to 
cause massive,letal haemorrhage).
When you say that harnessing the immune system to target surface antigens
failed, what are you referring to? We just started trying! 
Or is there some precedent that I am not aware of? (entirely possible).
Targetting chromosomes is a bad idea. Nature plays to much with them, 
and they already have their own very fine regulatory mechanisms.
(most cells do't survive accidental aneuploïdy already).
In addition, not all cancer cells are aneuploïd. In fact, in most cases
aneuploïdy is probably only a side-effect of the cancer cells being 
"immortal" already (so accidental aneuploidy is not eliminated as it
usually is). So my opinion is that targetting aneuploid cells would 
NOT cure cancer (arguably the most important flaw in the system).

Everything is worth discussing

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