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On Nov 15, 2:59 am, Cathal Garvey <cathalgar... from gmail.com> wrote:
> I seem to recall reading a theoretical article a few years ago that
> suggested the use of zinc-finger based logic to detect double deletions
> of critical regulatory genes. The premise was that, even without
> aneuploidy, many cancer cells will have deleted both alleles of a
> critical regulator or two along the way, and detecting these deletions
> would permit pretty selective destruction of cancer cells.
> The system involved a time-delayed toxin that was inhibited by an
> antitoxin. The antitoxin was a split protein conjugated to ubiquitins
> and one of two zinc fingers; if the zinc fingers bound adjecent to one
> another on an allele, ubiquitin ligase would (theoritically, mind)
> ligate the two chimeric proteins, and the reconstituted antitoxin would
> protect the cell from death. Clever, but I've not seen it implemented. I
> also felt it overcomplicated the first implementation of a fantastic
> idea; zinc-finger-mediated protein conjugation by ubiquitin ligase.
> By the way, although mature sperm are haploid, the precursor cells
> aren't; permanent infertility shouldn't result from a system that
> attacks aneuploid cells. Mature eggs are diploid as far as I know, only
> "kicking" the second chromosome set upon fertilisation. I may be under a
> misapprehension there, though; anyone with more knowledge care to comment?
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See this press release from MIT


for a reported implementation of a logic circuit.



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