[Cell-biology] Recent Patents on Theranostics

Tonny Johnson via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by tonnymjohnson from gmail.com)
Mon Feb 13 02:48:47 EST 2012

Following are the highlights of recent theranostics patent applications:

1. Theranostic classification of basal-like breast cancer tumors
2. Diagnostic therapy method (theranostics) for Aspergillus fumigates infections
3. Theranostics method for premature birth (PTB)
5. Theranostic chitosan-coated gold/gold sulfide nanoparticles
6. Theranostic compounds for the management of diseases manifesting focal hypoxia
7. PBEF1 gene expression as a theransotic biomarker for HIV-related diseases
8. Theranostic methods for the treatment of cancers using mannose derivatives
9. Prepraration of photosensitive ruthenium based aminoacid monomers and oligomers for imaging and theranostics applications
10. A diagnostic therapy (theranostics) method for multiple myeloma patients
11. System for generating image-based patient profiles
12. Method of predicting or identifying response to treatment with a modulator of a reverse cholesterol transport pathway in atherosclerosis patients
13. Biomarkers for the detection of the presence and for the theranostics of unstable atherosclerotic plaques
14. Spectral imaging for medical diagnosis
Details: http://www.sciclips.com/sciclips/drug-discovery-news.do

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