[Cell-biology] Cancer Biomarker Database with Companion Diagnostics Biomarker Pathway Maps

Tonny Johnson via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by tonnymjohnson from gmail.com)
Tue Jan 3 12:25:43 EST 2012

A comprehensive diagnostic and prognostic cancer biomarker database with cancer companion diagnostics biomarker pathway maps, which contain protein-protein interactions networks of cancer drug efficacy/response/predictive biomarkers.   This database contains discovery, pre-clinical and clinical cancer biomarkers that were identified or validated using patient samples. The biomarkers include blood based cancer biomarkers, tumor biomarkers, urinary cancer biomarkers, fecal cancer biomarkers, saliva cancer biomarkers, breath cancer biomarkers etc. Patient/sample details, experimental results/observations, biological and molecular functional analysis, biological process analysis, protein-protein interaction networks of each biomarker are included in this database. Link (preview is available): http://www.sciclips.com/sciclips/diagnostic-prognostic-cancer-biomarker-main.do

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