[Cell-biology] Strategies for Rational and Personalized Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Tonny Johnson via cellbiol%40net.bio.net (by tonnymjohnson from gmail.com)
Mon Sep 24 08:33:46 EST 2012

This scientific blog critically analyzes potential complexities associated =
with current biomarker discovery approaches. According to the scientific ar=
guments that have been put forward in this blog, thousands of biomarkers th=
at are currently being reported may not be true biomarkers of the target di=
sease, rather it may be a complex mixture of biomarkers, which may include =
target disease specific biomarker as well as biomarkers or biomolecules ass=
ociated with other diseases, infections, gender, race/ethnic backgrounds, g=
eographic-environmental factors, psychiatric condition/diseases and nutriti=
onal factors.  Based on our analysis, we believe that an ideal biomarker di=
scovery platform, which can lead to the development of reliable and robust =
diagnostics assays, should be developed by integrating comprehensive unders=
tanding of patients=92 phenotypic, genetic and socio-environmental characte=
ristics along with biological and functional relevance of all biomolecules =
that may be potentially identified and called as biomarkers. Several innova=
tive strategies for developing rational and personalized biomarker discover=
y platforms have been suggested in this blog. These strategies include 1) C=
omprehensive genome-scale analysis based rational genetic biomarker discove=
ry 2) Cell or tissue or organ specific function based rational or targeted =
biomarker discovery 3) Use of validated tissue/organ specific biomarkers or=
 therapeutic drug targets for identifying non-invasive biomarkers, 4) Epide=
miology-driven biomarker discovery for developing personalized diagnostic t=
ools and 5) Integrated bioinformatics approaches for rational biomarker dis=
covery. The relevance of disease prevalence and predictive value in biomark=
er discovery for personalized medicine, utility of rational or personalized=
 biomarkers in clinical trials and applications of rationally identified bi=
omarkers in diagnostics imaging or theranostics have also been discussed. R=
ead the full blog: http://www.sciclips.com/sciclips/blogArticle.do?id=3D102=

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