DNA mini-prep protocol

dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV
Mon Dec 6 12:31:44 EST 1993

In response to the request for a miniprep protocol for Chlamy DNA, I have 
some preliminary information that might help.  There was a paper published 
in Biotechniques recently (Goodwin and Lee, 1993, 15:438-444) call 
"Microwave Miniprep of Total Genomic DNA from Fungi, Plants, Protists, and 
Animals for PCR".  A temporary technician in our lab tried this for DNA 
isolation from a green alga Monoraphidium.  This is a very tough, tiny alga 
from which it is very difficult to isolate unsheared, clean DNA.  In a 
preliminary experiment using the microwave technique, she was able to 
isolate about a microgram of digestable DNA from 40 ml of a medium density 
culture.  Unfortunately, she left the lab and we haven't had a chance to 
pursue this further, but it looked promising.  Granted, its not as "mini" a 
prep as the one posted by Dr. Harris, but it may be more useful for cells 
that are more difficult to lyse than Chlamy.

Terri Dunahay
National Renewable Energy Lab
dunahayt at tcplink.nrel.gov

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