Antonio R. Franco bf1rodri at cc.uco.es
Mon Jul 12 11:56:34 EST 1993

	Eventually, the chlamy newsgroup is fully functioning!!
	I would like to thank all of you that have actively participated in 
the votation period. I am proud to say we got a new record with such a 
high number of positive votes.
	I would like, however, to give some further instructions.

	From now on you can submit any question or interesting data to any 
of the following addresses:

	chlamy at net.bio.net      for people working in USA or America
	chlamy at daresbury.ac.uk  for people working in Asia or Europe

	Your question will be promptly delivered to almost 200 coworkers 
AT THE SAME TIME. From here, I would like to ask members to 
answer these question by sending either an e-mail answer to the general 
address (chlamy at ....) or to the author. In this later case, I would like to 
ask to whom made the question, try to gather all of the responses, edit 
them and then, submit them latter to the "general" address 

	Please, do not send to this address (chlamy at ...) the requests of 
subscriptions or unsubscriptions. To do so, send the corresponding message 
in plain English to..

	biosci at net.bio.net      in USA or America
	biosci at daresbury.ac.uk  in Asia or Europe

	Alive people will be reading your queries.

After certain period of time either Elizabeth Harris or myself will be
delivering an update relation of the subscribed members. In our experience, 
if high is the number will be posted to the general address, much higher 
will be the messages being crossed among the members themself.

	From now on, all the messages being posted to the general address 
will be kept at the manager's mainframes. We can get information from these 
files later by using adecuate programs, like gopher and wais. As discussion 
leaders, both Elizabeth and myself will be giving you updated information 
about how to use these facilities.

	I should remember certain kind of messages like nasty messages, or 
those with a chlamy-unrelated content (with political or commercial content) 
are not wellcome.

Sincerely yours,

Antonio R. Franco
Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Cordoba
E-14071 Cordoba

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