Dave Kristofferson kristoff at NET.BIO.NET
Mon Jul 12 16:47:14 EST 1993

> 	From now on you can submit any question or interesting data to any 
> of the following addresses:
> 	chlamy at net.bio.net      for people working in USA or America
> 	chlamy at daresbury.ac.uk  for people working in Asia or Europe

> 	biosci at net.bio.net      in USA or America
> 	biosci at daresbury.ac.uk  in Asia or Europe

One clarification on the above.  Please note that the net.bio.net
addresses are for use by people in the Americas and the Pacific Rim
countries, e.g., Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc.

daresbury.ac.uk addresses handle Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.

Nothing will break if you post to the wrong address, of course.  In
the case of requesting subscriptions, it may just delay your
subscription request while we forward it from one site to the other.
We use this two site system to make our e-mail distribution system
more efficient.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				kristoff at net.bio.net

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