Tom Kietly 66t21mk1 at vax2.winona.msus.edu
Mon Jul 12 20:28:48 EST 1993

In article <1993Jul12.160041.7728 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, bf1rodri at cc.uco.es
("Antonio R. Franco") wrote:
> 	Eventually, the chlamy newsgroup is fully functioning!!
> 	I would like to thank all of you that have actively participated in 
> the votation period. I am proud to say we got a new record with such a 
> high number of positive votes.
> 	I would like, however, to give some further instructions.
> 	Easy.
> 	From now on you can submit any question or interesting data to any 
> of the following addresses:
> 	chlamy at net.bio.net      for people working in USA or America
> 	chlamy at daresbury.ac.uk  for people working in Asia or Europe
> 	Your question will be promptly delivered to almost 200 coworkers 
> AT THE SAME TIME. From here, I would like to ask members to 
> answer these question by sending either an e-mail answer to the general 
> address (chlamy at ....) or to the author. In this later case, I would like to 
> ask to whom made the question, try to gather all of the responses, edit 
> them and then, submit them latter to the "general" address 
> 	Please, do not send to this address (chlamy at ...) the requests of 
> subscriptions or unsubscriptions. To do so, send the corresponding message 
> in plain English to..
> 	biosci at net.bio.net      in USA or America
> 	biosci at daresbury.ac.uk  in Asia or Europe
> 	Alive people will be reading your queries.
> After certain period of time either Elizabeth Harris or myself will be
> delivering an update relation of the subscribed members. In our experience, 
> if high is the number will be posted to the general address, much higher 
> will be the messages being crossed among the members themself.
> 	From now on, all the messages being posted to the general address 
> will be kept at the manager's mainframes. We can get information from these 
> files later by using adecuate programs, like gopher and wais. As discussion 
> leaders, both Elizabeth and myself will be giving you updated information 
> about how to use these facilities.
> 	I should remember certain kind of messages like nasty messages, or 
> those with a chlamy-unrelated content (with political or commercial content) 
> are not wellcome.
> Sincerely yours,
> Antonio R. Franco
> Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular
> Facultad de Ciencias
> Universidad de Cordoba
> E-14071 Cordoba

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