The genetic code of Chlamydomas reinhardtii

john francis peden jfpeden at unix1.tcd.ie
Tue Jul 13 20:39:42 EST 1993

I am glad to see another serious news group being added to netnews.

As a coincidence i was doing a little background reading on C. reinhardtii
today and I came across a paper by W. Steven Adair and K. E. Apt   
Cell wall regeneration in Chlamydomas: Accumulation of mRNA's encoding
cell wall hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins. 
published in
PNAS 87: 7355-7359 (1990)

In this paper they report two open reading frames which they 
translate into AA and that code for Hydroxyproline rich
but they use the genetic code TAG=Y, I hadn't heard of this particular
code before. 

Is it universal for all C.reinhardtii genes.

Please respond to
jfpeden at vax1.tcd.ie

thanks in anticipation 

John Peden
Dept. of Genetics
Trinity College Dublin

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