lipid dye labeling flagella

campbell at WUSTLB.WUSTL.EDU campbell at WUSTLB.WUSTL.EDU
Wed Jul 14 09:53:38 EST 1993

I am trying to label isolated flagella with a fluorescent lipid dye to 
use in an experiment. I have tried "DiI" C18 (Molecular Probes # D282) by 
disolving 10mg/ml in EtOH which was used as a 1000X stock. I added the
dye to the flagella after they were isolated and on ice. The dye did not
label well at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or other dyes that they
have used to label flagella? Please contact me with your suggestions at
"campbell at wustlb.wustl.edu".
Thanks for any help you can offer.
Malcolm Campbell

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