eyespot purification

Robert A. Bloodgood rab4m at UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU
Sun Jul 25 14:59:48 EST 1993

In response to Jim Clack's request for info on enrichment of eyespots from
Chlamydomonas reinhatdtii, I offer up the following reference which purifies
an eyespot fraction from C. reinhardtii and then examines this fraction for G
proteins using binding of radioactive GTPgammaS:

S.N. Korolkov, M.N. Garnovskaya, A.S. Basov, A.S. Chunaev and I.L. Dumler
(1990) The detection and characterization of G-proteins in the eyespot of
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.  FEBS Letters 270: 132-134.

The actual method for obtaining the eyespot enriched fraction is found in
their previous paper:

I.L. Dumler, S.N. Korolkov, M.N. Garnovskaya, M.N. Parfenova and R.N. Etingof
(1989) J. Prot. Chem. 8: 387-389.  I have not seen this paper.

Bob Bloodgood

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