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Patrick Ferris FERRIS at WUSTLB
Wed Nov 10 13:40:26 EST 1993

   We are considering looking for homologs of mating related genes
in other Chlamydomonas species. We thought this would have a better chance of
success if we concentrated on species thought to be closely related to C.
reinhardtii. rDNA sequence data (Buchheim et al, 1990; Turmel et al, 1993)
suggest those would be C. callosa, C. komma and C. zebra. (Marco and Rochaix's
rDNA restriction data also support C. callosa). Autolysin groups would suggest
C. globosa and C. incerta as well. We would appreciate comments on the
1) Do you agree with these choices of closely related species? Is 
there other evidence supporting (or not) these choices.
2) There appear to be only single isolates for these strains in the
culture collections. (Except C. callosa, which has two listings, but no
indication of different mts.) What's known about mating in these species? Are
any homothallic? Are they assumed heterothallic, with only one mating type
represented? Do they appear to make gametes when nitrogen starved? Has anyone
tried interspecific matings? (N.B. -- Bill Birky just asked a similar
question to this.)
3) Some of you have worked with these. Do they grow on 
standard medium? Can anyone provide any of these, esp. the ones that
would otherwise have to come from SAG.
4) What is the most closely related species for which two mating
types are available? C. mexicana?

Any information would be appreciated.

Patrick Ferris
Department of Biology
Box 1229
Washington University
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