general bionet.algae group?

charles francis delwiche cdelwich at nickel.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Nov 11 10:57:02 EST 1993

In <2bphb5$p2v at organpipe.uug.arizona.edu> dcoury at argon.gas.uug.arizona.edu (daniel a coury) writes:

>Can anybody tell me if there is a general algae/seaweed/phycology newsgroup
>in existence? If not, would anybody be interested in starting one? And is 
>there a more appropriate group to which this message should be posted?

There is currently a proposal afoot (in bionet.general as I recall)
for the formation of a group bionet.protists.  This group would, if
formed, clearly be an appropriate group for general algal subjects.

For the time being I mostly post algal subjects to bionet.plants.

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