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Thu Nov 11 09:41:14 EST 1993

To the Chlamydomonas community, from Elizabeth Harris - 

Our departmental computer person has just set this up for several users in
the BioSci building at Duke, and in a word, it's fantastic.  Francis
Ouellette at NCBI kindly provided the following description:  

>You are invited to register to use "Network Entrez", a networked version of the
>Entrez molecular sequence retrieval system which has formerly been available
>only by subscription as a CD-ROM based package.  For those of you who may be
>unaware, Entrez is an application program for browsing an interlinked set of
>several databases:  a molecular sequence subset of MEDLINE; all of GenBank,
>EMBL, DDBJ, PIR, SWISS-PROT, PDB; and more.  Entrez is now available in a
>network client-server arrangement, with the databases residing at the NCBI and
>accessible by users at distant locations over the worldwide Internet.
>Network Entrez client programs are currently available for the following
>computer platforms:
>  o Macintosh (MacTCP)
>  o MS Windows (WinSock 1.1 compatible)
>  o Sun SparcStations
>  o DEC VMS (Multinet/TGV and Wollongong now, UCX possibly forthcoming)
>Network Entrez software may be obtained via anonymous ftp from ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
>( in the /entrez/current/network directory.  There is a README file
>in the same directory, which should be read before attempting installation and
>use.  Registration (see below) must be performed before the software will
>operate correctly, and direct Internet access is an absolute requirement to
>using Network Entrez on any computer (e.g., mere e-mail access through services
>such as BITNET is insufficient).  On the plus side, no CD-ROM equipment nor
>significant local hard disk storage is required to install or use Network
>Entrez; more data is accessible through the network service than off the Entrez
>CD-ROMs; database updates do not incur the delays associated with CD-ROM
>production and distribution; and there are presently no subscription fees to
>using the network service.
>Administrators:  if any users in your organization are interested in
>using Network Entrez, please send the following information to:
>net-info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.
>  o your name, affiliation, electronic and postal mail addresses, and telephone
>  number
>  o a list of the dotted-decimal IP (Internet Protocol) addresses of whatever
>  computers Network Entrez will be installed upon at your site.  For
>  convenience, if all computers in a particular subnet may need access to the
>  program, the entire subnet may be indicated using the notation x.y.z.* (e.g.,
>  130.14.20.*).
>Installation of Network Entrez client software may be performed at your
>convenience.  Bug reports, questions, and comments about the program should be
>sent to the same net-info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov address.  Occasionally
>administrators can expect to receive e-mail directing them to download an
>updated version of Network Entrez.  We apologize in advance that administrators
>at participating institutions may receive update notices for platforms other
>than those actually in use at their site, however we do expect this to occur

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