library screening

dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV dunahayt at TCPLINK.NREL.GOV
Fri Oct 1 18:28:08 EST 1993

We are trying to screen a genomic lambda library containing DNA from an 
alga with an unusually high GC content (about 70%).  We have a homologous 
probe (also with high GC) and are having trouble getting signals.  Has 
anybody had any experience similar to this?  I know Chlamy also has high GC 
and I was hoping someone might have some useful advice.  We're thinking it 
might have to do with incomplete denaturation, or reannealing of the probe, 
as very high probe concentrations seem to help.


Terri Dunahay
dunahayt at tcplink.nrel.gov

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