Enhancing mating and zygote formation

Robert J. Lebowitz lebowitz at krypton.mankato.msus.edu
Sun Sep 5 16:33:58 EST 1993

For many years I've had major difficulties getting certain strains of
Pandorina and Eudorina  (colonial relatives of Chlamydomonas) to mate
and form viable zygotes.  We've tried a variety of different treatments
to induce mating such as nitrogen deprivation, light deprivation, heat
shock, subculture in soil water medium, all to no avail.  I'm curious
what other treatments people have tried in the past with hard-to-mate
strains.  Oh, if you have any strains of these genera that work well,
I'd really appreciate it if you'd send some along, particularly Eudorina
strains (or am I the only person left in the world who still plays with
this organism?).

Rob Lebowitz
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