vincent.zenger at his.com vincent.zenger at his.com
Wed Sep 15 19:45:49 EST 1993

I need some facts on the wheat genome.  First, approximately how large is the
genome in base pairs?  Second, how many retrotransposons and transposons are
known to exist in wheat, what is the approximate number of copies of each, and
what percentage of
the genome is comprised of such repetitive elements?  Third, what is the
evolutionary history of wheat?  I have heard that it is a "tribrid" generated
by 2 wide hybridizations among 3 species. What are the species names and what
is the species name of the
major cultivar grown in the U.S.  Thanks in advance.  Please post responses to
FOF at vm.cfsan.fda.gov and I will post a summary of any derived information in
case (God forbid!) someone else could actually use this information.

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