complementation with cDNAs?

loroch at sc2a.unige.ch loroch at sc2a.unige.ch
Thu Aug 4 04:03:49 EST 1994

I am interested in answering the following question (for obvious reasons):
Is it possible to complement a Chlamydomonas nuclear mutant with the wild-type
cDNA (expressed from an "appropriate" homologous promoter) corresponding to the
wild-type gene? I am planning some reconstruction experiments using
plastocyanin and OEE1...
Has anyone attemted such a complementation experiment ? If you have attempted
to do so (successfuly, unsuccessfuly, or anywhere in-between) I would very much
like to hear from you.
If you are in possession of a "well-behaved" mutant and the cDNA corresponding
to the wt gene I would be interested in collaborating on a cDNA complementation
Thank you for your response.

Vanya Loroch
J.-D. Rochaix group
Dept of Mol. Biol.
U. of Geneva

e-mail: loroch at sc2a.unige.ch   OR  76600.603 at compuserve.com
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