chloroplast RNA polymerase gene

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Jeff Blanchard wrote,

>	I stumbled across the tail end of the c.reinhardtii chloroplast rpoC2
> gene in GenBank.  It is located in locus CHCRA4 (X0073) and is described
>as ARS element 04.  I couldn't find a publication reporting the
>complete sequence of this gene.  I don't have any plans to sequence or
>work with this gene, but I thought I'd share this information in case
>someone else finds it useful.

The gene sequence was published by Fong and Surzycki:

Fong, S.E., and S.J. Surzycki (1992a).  Chloroplast RNA polymerase genes of
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii exhibit an unusual structure and arrangement. 
Curr.Genet. 21,485-497.

Elizabeth Harris
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