cDNA naming convention?

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Tue Aug 23 12:50:43 EST 1994

Sam Beale wrote,
>If a gene is the xyz (italicized) gene and it encodes the ABC protein, is
>the cDNA refered to as ABC cDNA or xyz (ital) cDNA?

Partial clarification, or perhaps more confusion:

The LOCUS (mappable entity) is XYZ1 (all caps), as is the wild type allele

The mutant ALLELE is xyz1-1 (lower case, italics)

The GENE represented by this locus is probably Abc1, since the protein has
been identifed as ABC (although it could conceivably be something else
yet), and is named if possible in accordance with the conventions set by
the Commission on Plant Genome Nomenclature.  

But I don't know how to name the cDNA either - any ideas?

Real-life examples:

Locus NIT1 

Mutant nit1-1  (formerly nit-1)

Gene Nia1 (CPGN terminology, see Plant Mol. Biol. Reporter, supplement to
vol. 12, no. 2, p. S102)

Gene product nitrate reductase


Locus PF14

Mutant pf14 or pf14-1 (formerly pf-14)

Gene RS3 (or whatever the CPGN ultimately calls it)

Gene product radial spoke protein 3

Elizabeth Harris
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