mass of Chlamy cells

Steven L. Manley slmanley at csulb.edu
Thu Aug 25 19:45:42 EST 1994

Daniel A Coury (dcoury at helium.gas.uug.arizona.edu) wrote:
: Can anybody out there in Chlamy-land give me a rough idea of the mass of a
: million (i.e. 10e6) Chlamy cells? Actually, any mass/cell(s) ratio would be
: appreciated, as I'm more than willing to extrapolate.

: Please reply to my e-mail address (see below).

: Thanks in advance,

: Dan Coury

Dunaliella salina 7.6e8 cells per 100 mg gdwt from Parsons et al J. Fish. 
Bd. Canada 18:1001-1016. also lists values for other phytos.

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